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Has your team noticed your company machine tools are making noise or behaving in ways that aren’t typical? It’s likely that CNC (computer numerical control) repair is needed. Here are a few things to keep in mind to minimize downtime and maintain quality standards.

Inaccurate Machining

If your CNC machine starts producing parts that don’t meet specifications or have dimensional inaccuracies, it could be a sign of mechanical or software issues.

Intermittent Errors or Faults

If the machine displays error messages frequently or behaves erratically, it might indicate issues with the control system, electrical components, or sensors.

Obsolete Technology

If your CNC machine uses outdated hardware or software that’s no longer supported by the manufacturer, it may be prone to more frequent failures and limited repair options.

Slow Performance

If the machine’s movements become sluggish or it takes longer than usual to execute commands, there may be problems with the servo motors, drives, or control system.

Irregular Movement

Your machines need to operate smoothly for both product quality and employee safety. Any time your team notices inconsistencies or jerky motions, it requires a skilled technician to evaluate the problem, which could be caused by one or more of several mechanical problems.

Ready to Call for Help With CNC Repair in Auburn Hills?

When you have concerns about your machine tools, the team at Associated Machinery Services is ready to assist. Our experienced technicians deliver the installation, maintenance and repair services you need for peak efficiency and productivity. Contact us today to learn more about us and the predictive, preventive and CNC repair work our customers enjoy.

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