Full Spectrum Machine Tool Repair for Livonia, Troy, Auburn Hills & all Lower Michigan

Associated Machinery is ready to help you with comprehensive machine tool repair and maintenance. Specializing in CNC control repair, mill repair, lathe repair, and more, our goal is to keep your machinery in peak condition, ensuring the smooth operation of your manufacturing processes.

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CNC Control Repair and Pneumatic/Hydraulic Repair Capabilities

Our experienced machine shop technicians are highly skilled in CNC control repair, a vital service for maintaining the precision and efficiency of your machine tools. Additionally, we offer robust pneumatic/hydraulic repair capabilities, diagnosing and fixing issues with your pneumatic and hydraulic systems, reducing downtime and boosting your machine’s performance.

Spindle Rebuild & Servo and Spindle Motor Repair/Rebuild

We also provide spindle rebuild services, designed to restore your spindle to its optimal condition. Our experts meticulously handle servo and spindle motor repair/rebuild, ensuring your motors deliver peak performance and reliability.

Machine Tool Repair in a Nutshell

Cutting Edge Machine Tool Repair for all Lower Michigan

Ballscrew Repair/Rebuild & Machine Leveling

Ballscrews are crucial components of your CNC machines. Our team is adept at performing comprehensive ballscrew repair/rebuild services, ensuring it’s perfectly aligned and functioning as it should. Along with this, our machine leveling services help maintain the accuracy and longevity of your equipment.

Machine Geometry & Accuracy Restoration

Lost machine geometry and accuracy can lead to numerous problems, including parts not coming out square, flat, or parallel, corners blowing out, pick-ups being way off, interpolated holes not being round, or backlash going out of control. We specialize in restoring machine geometry and accuracy, bringing your equipment back to its original specifications.

Board Level Electronics Repair & Machine Installation & Commissioning

Our board-level electronics repair addresses any electronic issues at their core, ensuring the smooth operation of your machinery. Our machine installation and commissioning services ensure each machine tool is perfectly installed and commissioned to function seamlessly within your operations.

Quality & Precision Machine Repair

With over 20 years of experience, friendly service, and a reputation for integrity and quality, Associated Machinery Services is an industry leader in machine tool repair. From preventative and predictive maintenance to bar feeder installation, we’re committed to delivering superior services that not only address immediate issues but also enhance the overall performance and lifespan of your machines. Contact us today to learn how we can help you maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

Cutting Edge Machine Tool Repair for all Lower Michigan

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