Preventive & Predictive Machine Tool Maintenance in Livonia, Troy, Auburn Hills & Lower Michigan

Our experienced professionals understand the importance of regular machine tool maintenance to keep machinery performing  its best, avoid damage and costly repair, and ensure the longevity of your investment. Associated Machinery’s preventive and proactive service and maintenance programs are designed to maximize machine uptime and minimize breakdowns.

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Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

Machine tools are usually pretty tough, and we’ve all heard the legend of the machine that’s been running since 1908 without having its oil changed. But that’s not the rule and machines need regular looking after to serve faithfully over the long haul. While all machine systems have failure points that can be costly in terms of repair cost and downtime, preventive and predictive maintenance helps keeps them running optimally and dependably.

Machine Geometry & Accuracy Restoration

Parts not coming out square, flat, or parallel, corners blowing out, pick-ups being off, interpolated holes not being round, and backlash going out of control are all indicators of lost geometry, accuracy, or both. When your machine isn’t performing as designed, our experienced technicians can repair, adjust, or calibrate it correctly to restore proper geometry and accuracy. Our pros will bring your equipment back to its original specifications.

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Diagnostics & Repair

Associated Machinery’s friendly, honest service and experienced technicians are committed to providing the preventative and predictive maintenance you need to avoid costly repairs and maximize the lifespan of your machines. From CNC repair, mill repair, lathe repair, full electrical/mechanical diagnostics, pneumatic/hydraulic repair capabilities, spindle rebuild, ballscrew repair/rebuild, machine leveling and board-level electronics repair to bar feeder and other machine installation and commissioning, your machinery’s longevity and performance are our top priority. Reach out for more information about us, then call for machine tool maintenance today!


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